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Amber Estate Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a premium estate brand. As such, maintaining quality and freshness is of utmost importance.

After pulping and drying, our coffee is rested for eight to twelve weeks in specially constructed silos of cured wolmanized pine. This assists in imparting its unique character to the cup.

After the beans are selected by bean size, density, colour and appearance. the coffee is roasted in batches of between 6kg and 14kg. These beans are then subjected to the final test - the cup. Recognized cuppers use their sensitive palettes to select the very best, which are then given the classification "JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN".

The coffee is then vacuum-sealed and placed in 8oz. and 16oz. bags with one way valves which further preserves freshness. Just before shipment, the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board Quality Assurance team conducts a random inspection. Our coffee is shipped only with the unqualified approval of the Coffee Industry Board.

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For Your Information - The Jamaica Coffee Industry Board

In 1950 the Government instituted several reforms and created the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board as the sole exporter and final authority on Jamaican coffee quality. Since 1950, the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board has been responsible for and successful in maintaining exemplary coffee standards.

In 1983, the Government of Jamaica, through the Coffee Industry Board partially deregulated the industry and growers meeting specific standards were allowed to make marketing arrangements for their production. The combination of factors necessary for good coffee cultivation and the rigid adherence to quality control standards since 1950 has provided the degree of comfort demanded by discerning coffee connoisseurs the world over.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is renowned as the world's finest by coffee drinkers everywhere and our coffee quality standards are emulated by other producing countries.

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